eschuetze Staff asked 12 months ago
Subject: /workplaceGroups/{workplaceGroupId}/manufacturingVariantRules Suppose I have created 2 rules for manufacturing variants that refer to material characteristics: width > 40 (width=gt=40) –> delay factor: 2 color = black (color==black) –> delay factor: 1.1 Which delay factor applies to a material wider than 40 with the color black?
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victor Staff answered 7 months ago

A consistency check is not performed, because when you create an inconsistent set of rules, you need not know that at some point there will be a material that meets several criteria. Inconsistency can be avoided if every material characteristic that occurs as a condition in one rule also occurs in every other rule as a condition. In your example, 3 rules result:

width=gt=40;color==black –> delay factor: 1.5 (or whatever)

width=le=40;color==black –> delay factor: 1.1

width=gt=40;color!=black –> delay factor: 2

width=le=40;color!=black –> delay factor: 1 (or whatever)

Note: If a rule is explicitly specified for a material number, it does not matter whether its material characteristics fulfill the condition of another rule. Rules explicitly formulated for a material number always overwrite all other rules.

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