Intermediate Setup Time

eschuetze Staff asked 2 years ago
The intermediate setup time in the manufacturing variant rules are different from those in “…/operations/{id}/manufacturingVariants”. How are the latter determined from the durations stored in the rules? If intermediate setup is to be carried out after an output quantity of “n” (multiple as a variable), what time is then to be stored? Is it the target time per unit x “n” (multiple as a variable)?
1 Answers
victor Staff answered 2 years ago

First, the target processing time of the operation is divided by the quality rate in order to determine how long production is expected to last, taking into account yield and scrap. Then there is a division with remainder by the intermediate setup interval from the manufacturing variant rule. This determines how often retooling will be necessary. Finally, this must be multiplied by the intermediate setup time from the manufacturing variant rule in order to obtain the cumulative intermediate setup time of the operation as specified in its manufacturing variant.