Exact semantic of data from /operations/{operationId}/recordedOutputQuantities

Exact semantic of data from /operations/{operationId}/recordedOutputQuantitiesCategory: RESTful designExact semantic of data from /operations/{operationId}/recordedOutputQuantities
eschuetze Staff asked 2 years ago
The data structure of the output for the endpoint `/operations/{operationId}/recordedOutputQuantities` is an array of quantity booking. How are these quantities to be understood to get the final output quantity of the operation once the operation is completed? Should they be summed up to get the final output quantities for Yield, Scrap and Rework? Thanks.
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victor Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Cyrille,

yes, the quantities must be summarized. For your proposal it is easier to use the interface /operations/{operationId}/quantitySummary. This interface provides a summary of all quantities of the operation (no booking timeline).