Process data acquisition

In production, process transparency is necessary around the clock. Process stability and cost allocation are the decisive points here. Process data acquisition provides the appropriate data basis for this.

With the FORCAM application Process Data Acquisition, process values can be recorded and saved on machines independently of operations or production orders. FORCAM Machine Data Collection (MDC) provides the basis for process data collection.

For each recorded process value, rules for limit values can be defined, which, if violated, result in an alarm in the form of an e-mail or message in the terminal. The long-term recording of process values provides the data basis for further analysis of process capability in a third-party system.

Companies receive an additional benefit when they combine process data recording with the FORCAM Energy Monitoring application. For example, CO2 emissions can be determined and the costs incurred can be allocated precisely to the source.


Added value

  • Automated acquisition of process values of all kinds
  • Automated alarming when exceeding and falling below limit values
  • Graphical visualization in the office and in the store floor terminal
  • Filter-based data export for further analysis possible
  • Archiving and documentation of process data
  • Cause-related cost determination
  • Indicators for predictive maintenance