Microsoft Power Automate Connector

Automation of tasks & processes

Microsoft Power Automate is an ecosystem of around 400 market-renowned apps, including Excel, Facebook, Outlook, Salesforce, Skype, Trello and many more. The goal is to empower users to automate repetitive business processes and set up smart workflows for a wide variety of purposes.

New Manufacturing Experience

The FORCE Bridge connector enables Factory Work 4.0: It builds the bridge to the Microsoft Power Automate app universe. In one fell swoop, factory teams can quickly and easily create workflows and enable collaboration with around 400 market-renowned apps – without programming effort.

„Empower the Workforce“

The connector makes it possible to map complicated processes quickly and efficiently and to link countless applications with each other.

The core benefit: factory teams can react ad hoc to unwanted machine downtimes and save valuable time.

The connector makes factory work smarter for many other key tasks:

  • Comparing key performance indicators – via email, factory teams automatically and regularly inform themselves about target and actual values, for example, of overall plant effectiveness.
  • Process value violations – sensors that record process data such as fill levels, pressure, voltage in machines can also trigger automated workflows.
  • Material requirements: Sensors report via selected apps when new material is needed.

Watch now: “How to create Flows in Microsoft Power Automate”

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