Personnel time

Determine the precise share of personnel costs for the unit costs

A uniform production data model for the entire company, from manufacturing to finance – this enormous advantage of digital production control unfolds a special benefit through electronic personnel time recording.

This is because enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems can only provide a precise answer to the question of unit costs, which is central to modern business management, if all parameters from production are included. In addition to machine data (production times, downtimes, cycle times, etc.), the second major factor in production – personnel data – must also be recorded accurately. Reliable unit cost planning always involves the question of exactly what personnel costs were incurred for each product.

How many workers have worked on a product and for how long – both scheduled and unscheduled?

With the help of the FORCAM application Personnel Time Recording, employees can be assigned to production orders/work operations, internal orders or cost centers. The data is then available for analysis and optimization both in FORCAM’s integrated reporting solution and in aggregated form in the ERP system for corporate planning. Workplace attendance can be reported via the standard FORCAM terminal. In addition, it is also possible to integrate basic attendance times in the company via external time recording systems, which then report the corresponding times to the FORCAM terminal via the web interface (API).

Recording of personnel time on:
  • Order/operation/material
  • Internal orders
  • Cost centers
  • Presence
  • Workstation/Machine
Provision of data:
  • Attendances visible in the terminal
  • In the reporting of the integrated performance analysis
  • Feedback to ERP
Added value:
  • Complete transparency regarding personnel deployments
  • In controlling, the unit costs contain the precise personnel cost share
  • Personnel deployments can be optimized
  • The company works more efficiently and thus more competitively