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FORCE Bridge API is the official application programming interface for the Industrial Internet of Things

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  • Innovative use-cases

    Do you have an idea for an exciting use case? Do you want to create added value in industrial production with your idea? Then start now and implement it with us. We provide you with all the data of one or more factories!

  • Smart Factory apps

    Build your own Smart Factory App and make a major contribution to the profitable digitalisation of today’s production facilities. Use production and machine data in real time for your business model and access a large network of users and partners.

  • Digital Factory workflows

    Set new standards in the area of worker support. We are looking for innovative apps that support workers in their daily factory work and bring the benefits of digital transformation into everyday factory life.

  • Unique Datalake

    Add artificial intelligence applications to our platform. Due to the enormous amount of production data, you have a wide range of possibilities in terms of data analysis, which you can implement with us in exciting use cases. E.g. predictive maintenance, predictive analytics, etc.

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What developers say about FORCE Bridge

Olga Mordvinova
Founder & CEO

FORCE Bridge API delivers production data quickly and reliably. Thanks to integrated data semantics, we can build sustainable productivity-enhancing applications and effectively use ML processes even with small amounts of data. This makes the added value of Data Driven Manufacturing tangible for our customers.

Dominik Amann
Product Manager – Platform & Connectivity

Developing on the Bridge API offers four benefits for businesses. By accessing and manipulating data, our FORCE Bridge solution can be extended quickly & easily.