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Create new innovations using FORAM platform technology, collaborate with a growing ecosystem of partners and customers, and benefit from the fast-growing development of the IIoT market.

The FORCAM Partner Programme is designed to create a digital ecosystem for the manufacturing industry, bringing together the combined expertise of system integrators, technology providers, software developers, service providers and resellers. Together, we are putting the Industrial Internet into practice and shaping the future of IIoT.

With FORCAM, you can enter the growing IIoT industry. You also benefit from the innovative technology that more and more customers are relying on as they move towards digitalisation. Whether you need access to technical resources, training or business development tools, we are committed to working with you to achieve successful market outcomes.


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Benefit from a steadily growing user and partner network of already 100,000 machines

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Your advantages at a glance

  • Leading technology platform

    FORCAM FORCE™ is the leading IIoT platform for the manufacturing industry. Thanks to its innovative rule engine, the solution generates a data model in real time, i.e. a digital twin of production.

  • Fast growing community

    Over 50 apps from industry-leading partners are already part of the FORCAM ecosystem. They already provide services to nearly 100,000 workplaces, making the FORCAM ecosystem an accelerator for your GTM activities.

  • Multiple commercial advantages

    Benefit from an existing digital infrastructure and good partner conditions for joint and long-term commercial business success with the largest and most successful manufacturing companies in the world.

  • Rapid market entry

    Accelerate your time to market and shorten your sales cycle with strong sales and implementation partners like Microsoft, DXC Technology and Accenture.


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