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Bridge to the Smart Factory: Developer Ecosystem for the Digital Factory

FORCE Bridge API is the first application programming interface (Open API) for Smart Manufacturing. The initiative of IIoT providers, users and universities aims to close the gap between conventional factories with heterogeneous machine controls and the IT standards of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The aim of the initiative is to further develop the FORCE Bridge API web interface as a bridge to the smart factory and thus establish an open industry standard with diverse application possibilities through the constantly growing app ecosystem.

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What partners and developers say about the Bridge API

Barbara Mayer,
Head of Smart Production Lab
Joanneum University

Thanks to the FORCE Bridge API, we can show our students examples of how production plants can be used more efficiently with Manufacturing 4.0 solutions. With the help of the FORCAM Connector for Microsoft Power Automate, our students can merge data from the production plant with other applications in a very simple way and thus gain M4.0 competencies.

Olga Mordvinova
Founder & CEO

FORCE Bridge API delivers production data quickly and reliably. Thanks to integrated data semantics, we can build sustainable productivity-enhancing applications and effectively use ML processes even with small amounts of data. This makes the added value of Data Driven Manufacturing tangible for our customers.

Dominik Amann
Product Manager – Platform & Connectivity

Developing on the Bridge API offers four benefits for businesses. By accessing and manipulating data, our FORCE Bridge solution can be extended quickly & easily.